COVID-19 Nonprofit Consulting Services

Emerge 360 Consulting Group has been following the Covid-19 outbreak closely.  We are here to offer assistance and support to nonprofit organizations during these unfamiliar times.

Nonprofit organizations are adjusting and shifting to how they are managing their workload in these unprecedented times.  We know your funding needs are not going away. In fact, they may be increasing.

Our team is in touch with our clients daily, assisting them with their response to a rapid changing climate.  This is a time that requires resourceful and innovative problem solving, honesty and hope.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, or unsure of how to proceed as it relates to your funding needs, please contact us.  We will create a personalized plan for you based on your needs and budget size.

Here are some examples of how we can assist you;


Short term funding strategies to implement immediately
Strategies to leverage communication and relationship assets
Creative funding campaigns to broaden your audience and giving profile
Assistance on securing Stimulus package funding

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